Veterinary Services

Fort Myers Veterinarian Services

Best Friends Animal Hospital feels that the best medicine is preventative medicine. This begins with the necessary puppy and kitten exams and vaccinations.

Veterinary medicine has made great strides and pets are enjoying much longer and more trouble-free lives with the aid of qualified and conscientious health care professionals. Wellness Exams and testing are recommended annually. The key to a healthy pet is the early detection and prevention of disease.

Surgery – Best Friends Animal Hospital offers state-of-the-art surgery services. Not only do our doctors stay abreast of all the latest techniques, but they also ensure that all of the equipment is the latest and greatest!

Dentistry - Keeping your pets' teeth clean and his/her mouth healthy is very important, because periodontal disease will shorten your pet's life! If your pet has significant periodontal disease, then his/her mouth is teeming with pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria get into the blood and end up on the heart valves, kidneys, and lungs where they cause slow but sure deterioration.

Boarding - Our hospital strives to provide quality boarding services at reasonable rates. Our kennel staff have been trained to assess the needs of your pet(s) during their stay and inform the veterinary staff of any concerns noted. All dogs are walked on leash 3 times per day, provided fresh bedding and cots daily, and fresh water at least twice daily. All cats are provided with fresh food, water and litter at least twice daily. All pets are given plenty extra hugs and kisses in your absence. We have new al le cart boarding options now available, including but not limited to special treats, longer walks, brushing, and email/text updates. See the complete list and more details on our boarding flyer (attach flyer to wording).”

Grooming – Our grooming department is available to meet all of your pet’s pampering needs. We offer bathing, nail trims, brush and blow outs, and hair cuts. Our groomer, Penny, has many years of experience in handling dogs of various breeds, sizes, and temperaments. Call us today for an appointment!”

Veterinary Services

  • Allergy Consultation and Management
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Comprehensive Examinations
  • Consultations and Second Opinions
  • Cushing Disease – Diagnose and Management
  • Dentistry with Dental Radiography
  • Diabetes – Diagnose and Management
  • Euthanasia and Cremation Services (Comfort Room coming soon!)
  • Feline Declaw Procedures with Surgical Laser
  • Health Certificates – Sale, Interstate Travel, and International Travel
  • General Anesthesia with Monitoring
  • Hospitalization
  • House Calls – Limitations Apply
  • General Surgery with Surgical Laser Available
  • In-House Pharmacy
  • In-house Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Internal and External Parasite Prevention and Treatment Recommendations
  • Pain Management
  • Pet Pals Referral Program
  • Pet Annual Wellness (PAW) plans
  • Pet Portal
  • Radiography
  • Referral Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Ultrasound and Internal medicine Consultations Hospital Myers
  • Wellness and Vaccines